Cuevas de Lapas

Local legends associate them with the presence of the Moors and as part of underground connections to the Torres Novas Castle, but there is no certainty as to their origin.

These limestone galleries, on the banks of the Almonda river, about 2 kilometers from Torres Novas, may have served as a shelter during the Middle Ages and it is also believed that there was a prehistoric occupation due to the Neolithic artifacts found : polished stone blades and axes. Another line of investigation points to the opening of the galleries in the Roman period. What is known for sure is that, over time, the caves served as corrals, storage rooms and cellars for the Lapas inhabitants. The Lapas Caves, due to their geological uniqueness and the mysticism involved in local legends, are must-see stop that is worth knowing and exploring.


Rua José Mota e Silva (Largo das Catacumbas)

2350-124 Torres Novas

39.492939, -8.554

249 813 019


Del Martes al Domingo, incluidos festivos, de 9h00 a 13h00 y de 14h00 a 18h00

Cerrado los Lunes (y los días 24, 25, 31 de diciembre, 1 de enero, Viernes Santo, Domingo de Pascua y 1 de mayo)

Ubicación: A 2 km (aprox.) de la ciudad.

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