Almourol Contemporary Sculpture Park

A recreational and cultural area, perfect for a walk with the family or to practice outdoor sports, the Contemporary Sculpture Park of Almourol is relatively close to the Templar Interpretation Center of Almourol and is an excellent stop to enjoy a calm and peaceful environment.

Located in Barquinha Parque, it occupies an area of seven hectares on the banks of the Tagus river. In 2005 it assumed the role of a public park and in 2012 it became part of a relevant set of sculptures, integrating the network of cultural facilities in the municipality. Here you can also find an exhibition gallery, shop, artistic ateliers, library, space for artistic residencies, sports equipment, playgarden for children and riverside routes.


Praça da República, 1

2260-411 Vila Nova da Barquinha

39.457053, -8.43192

249 720 353

249 720 358


Outdoor Park.

Free admission.