Architectural Itinerary

On the Architectural Itinerary, explore the wonders and innovations of Templar architecture.

Start in Tomar, in the center of the city, and observe the civil architecture in works such as the Old Bridge, the Levada Cultural Complex, the Cubos House (former warehouses of the Order of Christ) or the Arcos dos Estaus (former inns).

Continue and stop at some of the city's icons. In the Convent of Christ, one of the most important monuments in the context of Portuguese and international heritage, you can observe some of the architectural innovations of the time. Still here, marvel at the masterpieces of João de Castilho: the Manueline Portal and the Window of the Chapter. Inside, the cloisters and the Charola stand out: the latter is a unique example of Military and Religious architecture, which evokes the Holy Sepulcher and the Temple of Solomon.

Did you know that the Escarpment, around the Tomar Castle, and the Keep, inside, were brought by the Order and that they were innovative military architecture techniques, originating in the East? Continue the tour, go down to the center and head to Areias, in Ferreira do Zêzere, and to Atalaia, in Vila Nova da Barquinha, whose Mother Churches were also designed by João de Castilho. To end perfectly, enjoy the sunset next to the Castle of Ourém, construction with Romanesque, Gothic and Mudéjar military characteristics, which make its architecture unique and magic.