Religious Itinerary

In the Religious Itinerary, you can explore the beliefs and religious habits of the Knights Templar, on a route with several references to Queen Santa Isabel, as is the case of the beautiful medieval village of Ourém, donated by King Dinis to his wife Isabel, where you can visit the castle and its typical alleys. Once in the magical village of Dornes, you can visit the Nossa Senhora do Pranto Church, which is believed to have been founded in 1285 by Queen Santa Isabel, and whose current bell tower was a Templar watchtower. From here, continue to discover the beautiful Churches of Areias and Beco. Then head to Tomar, where, after visiting the imposing Convent of Christ and the Charola, inspired by the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, you can head to the historic center, where the São João Baptista Church and the Synagogue are also worth a careful visit.

Then head to the Santa Maria do Olival Church, pantheon of the Order of the Temple, where many of the Templar Masters are buried, such as Sir Gualdim Pais.