Mother Church of São João Batista

Located in the historic center of Tomar, the Church of São João Baptista was built to replace the previous chapel, founded by the Templars in the 12th century, and is the most privileged viewpoint to the Templar Castle.

An architectural example of great historical value, its reconstruction began in the 16th century and was only completed in the 19th century. It has two Manueline portals, with vegetal and zoomorphic decoration and with the symbols of King Manuel. The iconic bell tower stands out for its architecture and the interior houses a carved stone pulpit, with an incredible design detail. It holds an enviable artistic collection, consisting of an amazing pictorial set, from the 16th century, which make this church an important stop on any tourist route around Tomar.


R. São João 135

2300-568 Tomar

39.603611, -8.414745

249 329 823


Free admission.