Military Itinerary

In the Military Itinerary, we invite you to become a Knight Templar and conquer these lands, in a journey that follows in the footsteps of the squire Gualdim Pais, master of the Order of the Temple and founder of the city of Tomar.

Start your visit in Tomar, at the Santa Maria do Olival Church, grave of the master Sir Gualdim Pais and pantheon of the Templar Masters. Then, visit the statue of Sir Gualdim Pais, then go up to his masterpiece, the magnificent Tomar Castle, which includes the no less impressive Convent of Christ. It's time to go to Dornes, discover another work by the master, the Pentagonal Tower, which was a Templar watchtower and enjoys a unique location, on the magnificent peninsula of Dornes, bathed by the Zêzere river. Now head to Sertã Castle, built by the Templars, but soon handed over to the Hospitallers. Once in Abrantes, visit its Castle and enjoy the wonderful views over the Tagus River, continuing afterwards to the Almourol Castle, built on top of a small craggy island, and to the CITA - Centro de Interpretação Templar Almourol (Almourol Templar Interpretation Center), a support space to the interpretation of Templar theme. Go down to Torres Novas and discover its castle, ending the day at Ourém Castle, taking the opportunity to taste the typical “ginjinha”.