Sertã Castle

Built in the 12th century, Sertã Castle has a strong connection to the Templars, as it was donated by King Afonso Henriques to the Templar Order in 1165. It remained in their possession for nine years, until 1174, when it was handed over to the Knights Hospitaller, by D. Sancho I. It was partly rebuilt in the 20th century, featuring a Gothic military architecture. Between 1996 and 1998, archaeological excavations revealed the existence, within the perimeter of the castle, of an old barn, an old chapel, a sidewalk from the 15th/16th centuries and fragments of Arab ceramics.

It is also connected to an interesting legend, according to which Celinda, the intrepid wife of the head of the castle, who died in its defense, went up to the walls carrying a frying pan with boiling oil, which she threw over the Roman invaders, and it is said that this episode originated the village’s name (Sertã, in Portuguese, means “Pan”).

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6100-732 Sertã

39.804925, -8.098808

274 600 360


Monday to Friday: 9 am — 5:30 pm

Weekends and Holidays: 10 am — 5:30 pm

Free admission.