Our Lady of Remédios Chapel

Despite its current religious nature, it is believed that the Our Lady of Remédios Chapel was built on an old Templar monastery, possibly with a Marian vocation. Some traces of this period are still visible, such as the stele (commemorative stone) over a door, an engraved Templar cross and a replica of Nuno Álvares Pereira's sword on the side portal of the chapel. Nuno Álvares Pereira, Constable to King João I, is therefore linked to its history, and was a devotee of Our Lady of Olival, the name by which it was known in the 18th century.

Outside, look out for a panel painted in tiles, which portrays the legend of a serpent and a nobleman who, having managed to get rid of the animal after invoking Our Lady of Remédios, erected the chapel as a sign of gratitude.


Rua da N. Sra dos Remédios

6100-699 Sertã

39.800908, -8.08225

274 600 360




Free admission.