Padrão Filipino / King Filipe Monument

Built in the 18th century, the King Filipe Monument / Padrão Filipino is a commemorative monument that symbolizes the verdict of Filipe III from Spain in favor of the Tomar people in the process with the Order of Christ, when it wanted to take possession of the land where it was built, an area known as Várzea Grande.

Elevated, on a high platform, it comprises a plinth and an obelisk and was erected in the center of a wide square. Classified as a Monument of National Interest, its privileged location makes it an excellent place to contemplate the view of the Templar Castle. Right opposite is the Court of Tomar, the Church of São Francisco, the Railway Station and the Bus Terminal.


Várzea Grande, Av. General Bernardo Faria

2300-535 Tomar

39.60046014471582, -8.413457301168211

249 329 823