Águas Belas Pillory

The Águas Belas’ territory was donated by King Afonso Henriques to the Order of the Temple in 1159. This Pillory, although built later, shows the political and administrative importance of this territory. It stands next to a fountain with a schist wall, with an inscription of the cession of the region by King Sancho I to Pedro Ferreira, founder of Vila de Ferreira do Zêzere. Note the coat of arms of the Pereira family on the shaft of the column, a rounded shield with a flowered cross and pierced in the field, surmounted by a fantasy timbre in the form of an open crown.

In 1139, with the extinction of the Templars, this territory goes to the Order of Christ. Later, in 1190, King Sancho donated the locality to the founder of the village of Ferreira do Zêzere, later Morgado de Águas Belas. The importance and power of the former Morgados de Águas Belas can be confirmed by the pattern present in this pillory.


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